Are Drone Roof Inspections A Gimmick?

Man inspecting outside of home

As owner of True Check Home Inspections, I’ve struggled with the idea of investing in a drone and FAA licensing needed to perform roof inspections from the ground. Yes, drone roof inspections are a good marketing tool that sounds cool & visually entertaining. They are useful for high or steep pitched roofs as well.

However; The drawbacks to drone roof inspections have led me to stick with doing things the old-fashioned way of actually getting on the roof. First, drones can be difficult to operate on very windy days which are frequent in the Springs area. Also, when I’m on a roof; I can perform a lift test on the shingles. A lift test is simply lifting the bottom edge of some shingles to make sure they are sealed to the shingles underneath. It’s very important that the shingles are sealed. When on the roof, I can also detect soft spots in the sheathing underneath and get an important visual inspection of the furnace flue pipe.

But… What about the high, steep pitched and clay tile roofs? Well… (NACHI) National Association of Certified Home Inspectors has a product I purchased called the Spectoscope. The telescoping poll has a remote camera mounted on one end and extends 25 feet. The wifi enabled digital camera allows me to see on my smartphone what the camera is seeing at the top of the pole. I can zoom in, out and take high res photos. The Spectoscope is a great alternative to getting on the roof. But, only when needed.

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