Passing or Failing Your Home Inspection

Passing or Failing Your Home Inspection In most homes. There is usually nothing that happens during your home inspection. That will constitute passing or failing. Because; any defect discovered can be repaired. Sure, you can walk away from the sale. But in this market. Unless the home needs condemning. Resolving any issues may be a… Read more »

True Checks Top Ten Things You Need to Get Out of Your Inspection Report

              Ten Important Things to Get Out of Your Inspection Report   Appliances and Utilities 1) Knowing the age of all appliances. Including the water heater and furnace. Can help you decide whether or not to get a home warranty. Home owner’s insurance does not cover these. All accessible labels… Read more »

Do I Need A Radon Test?

Do I need a radon test and how much does a radon test cost? These are the two most frequently asked questions about radon testing. When I book a home inspection. And ask the client if they would like me to perform a radon test. This seems odd because many people are more concerned about… Read more »

Are Drone Roof Inspections A Gimmick?

Man inspecting outside of home

As owner of True Check Home Inspections, I’ve struggled with the idea of investing in a drone and FAA licensing needed to perform roof inspections from the ground. Yes, drone roof inspections are a good marketing tool that sounds cool & visually entertaining. They are useful for high or steep pitched roofs as well. However;… Read more »

What’s That Smell?

I go to an inspection on a vacant, realtor owned home with some typical improvements like; fresh paint, new carpet, hot water heater, etc. My client and his realtor come on time. As we chat going to the door, we’re all anxious to go in and see the interior. Of course, ladies and client first…. Read more »

Why Do I Need A Home Inspection?

Why do you need a home inspection. To protect yourself from hidden defects, poorly maintained systems and components, safety issues and questionable construction techniques. That could leave you with an expensive money pit! Even new homes and homes built as little as five years ago can have hidden problems that even the seller is not… Read more »

Thermal Imaging. What is it?

eat loss detection in central heating radiator

Thermal Imaging Camera A thermal imaging camera. In simple terms. Is a device that detects infrared energy. Or heat. That energy is converted into an electronic signal. The signal is processed into an image. As a result. The image is seen on the cameras viewing screen. In other words. The camera sees temperature differences in… Read more »