Do I Need A Radon Test?

Do I need a radon test and how much does a radon test cost?

These are the two most frequently asked questions about radon testing. When I book a home inspection. And ask the client if they would like me to perform a radon test. This seems odd because many people are more concerned about the necessity of a radon test. Than they are about health concerns. Most people today are believers in climate change. They are concerned about how it’s going to affect their health and their future. Even though some of the evidence is a bit sketchy.

facts about radon testing

It is a fact that radon is a national environmental health problem. Radon exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer next to cigarette smoking. Radon related deaths are almost twice that of deaths caused by drunk driving. Radon is by far the greatest single source of radiation to the general public.

Radon was discovered in 1900 by the German chemist Friedrich Ernst Dorn who was studying the element radium. Radium is a byproduct of uranium which is found in all rock and soil. It’s pretty much common knowledge that uranium is a radioactive element. So, it only makes sense that radon which ultimately comes from uranium could be dangerous to our health. For more information about radon, check out the Home Buyer’s and Seller’s Guide to Radon.

Just do it!

Hopefully by this point I’ve gotten your attention. I perform radon tests in about 40% of the homes I inspect for real estate transactions. I wish I could perform the test in all the homes I inspect. Not for the extra income. But to save a life!

I recently performed a radon test in a nice split level home with a finished lower level. A couple has lived there for 18 years. The master bedroom & bath are in the lower level where I performed the radon test. When I got the results of the test back. My instantaneous response to seeing the test numbers was “HOLY CRAP” …. The radon level was ten times higher than what the EPA considers a safe breathable level. The current owners of the home asked if they see a copy of the test results when I stopped by to pick up the test. Forwarding those results was difficult but necessary.

Radon exposure can be a real threat to anyone living in any type of a home. So, for peace of mind if nothing else. I urge everyone to “do it”. For more info on how to get your radon test visit our page on Radon Testing.

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