Home Energy Inspection

Home Energy Prices Rise Year After Year, and So Do Your Utility Bills!

Home owners should be proactive about reducing home energy cost. Guessing on what changes to make to reduce home energy cost may not be a good return on investment. A sure way is to have a NACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors) certified home inspector perform a home energy audit. We have the training, knowledge and access to an advanced energy calculator developed by NACHI.

True Check’s home Energy Inspection uses the advanced energy calculator developed by NACHI to:

  • Estimate the yearly home energy usage
  • Pinpoint potential energy inefficiency
  • Develop recommendations for energy improvements
  • Determine potential energy savings

​There are many factors involved in determining predominant energy inefficiencies. That’s why a thorough walk-through, collecting over 40 data points related to energy, is key to producing an accurate home energy report. Some of these data points include:​

  • The location and age of the home, including yearly climate statistics for your zip code
  • How the building is designed and laid out. This can significantly affect a property’s energy usage
  • Insulation and determining R-values is a key factor related to energy use
  • Window type and orientation can effect heating and cooling costs
  • Heating and cooling are often the largest factors in energy consumption

Once your energy report is developed you will receive a link via email to open and view the findings. In the report you will find information about the efficiency of major systems in the home and recommendations for improvements. These recommendations can help reduce your energy bills while making your home more comfortable.