How do I know I’m hiring the right home inspector?

hiring the right home inspector

There is some debate out there. About whether a buyer should hire a home inspector recommended by their agent. Or search for an inspector on their own.

Some agents will select an inspector they’re used to working with or know the results they’ll get. Others provide a list of inspectors they have used. And leave it up to the buyer to hire the inspector based on their sales pitch. Online resources like Home Advisor and Thumbtack. Will put you in touch with reputable inspectors. This can be good. Because the service companies perform background checks on their providers. It’s important to note. There are no licensing requirements for home inspectors in Colorado. Thus, it’s important to do some homework before hiring an inspector.

Experience and Qualifications

The inspection company’s website is a good place to start. There you will find the inspectors credentials. If the inspector has a NACHI certification. International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. You can be certain they are well educated. See what’s included in a general home inspection. There should be a list of systems and components. These are part of the inspectors residential Standards of Practice. The more ancillary services they offer the more likely they have a fair amount of experience.

Most home inspectors come from working in a trade like heating and air conditioning. Or were an electrician or were even a building contractor at one time. Does this make them a better home inspector? No. By nature, a plumber may focus more on a plumbing inspection. An electrician may focus more on the electrical system. All the systems in a home should work in harmony. To create a safe, uncomplicated, inviting and comfortable living space.

An experienced home inspector should have at least 200 inspections under his or her belt. And a list of good reviews and some references.

Another important aspect of a good inspection. Is the time and thoroughness they put into an inspection. An inspector may have 20 years of experience and work for many realtors. But if they are pumping out three inspections in a day; your best interests may not be their priority. Usually an inspection on a 30-year-old home. Will take approximately three hours on site. Depending on its condition and square footage. From there the inspector still needs to write up the report and deliver it in a PDF format within a day.

You Can Negotiate Pricing

​If you decide to find your own home inspector. You’ll have a chance to negotiate the price as well as get a feel for who’s working for you. The industry is very competitive. And prices have dropped some in recent years. But keep in mind. If someone is giving away an inspection for bottom dollar. They may be new to the industry. And may not have the experience yet to see problems that could be an expense the seller should have covered.

Be there During the Home Inspection

​If at all possible you should try to attend at least part of the inspection. Remember the home inspector is working for you. The buyer. So, make sure the inspector answers any questions you have. And you understand everything in the report. Check out our standard home inspection service.

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