Passing or Failing Your Home Inspection

Passing or Failing Your Home Inspection

In most homes. There is usually nothing that happens during your home inspection. That will constitute passing or failing. Because; any defect discovered can be repaired. Sure, you can walk away from the sale. But in this market. Unless the home needs condemning. Resolving any issues may be a better choice.

The Home Inspection

The home inspector. Inspects the home to discover major and material defects in the home. As well as health and safety concerns. For example. If True Check discovers a major defect at the foundation. One may consider that a failed inspection. Yet, As the buyer. You will have an opportunity to object to buying the home until the proper repairs are made and signed off on.  By a licensed professional. So, the home inspection will then pass. This is an objection resolution. Which your realtor should explain to you. You’ll have a number of days after the home inspection to review the inspection report. And request repairs be completed at the home owner’s expense. If the home owner refuses to repair major defects. The home owner is required to disclose that information to the next potential buyer. Thus; it will behoove them to work with you and fix any major defects.

Fail Safes

There are a few fail safes in place to protect you as well. If you’re getting an FHA, VA or even a conventional loan. That loan will not close if the home is not sound or has other expensive repairs needed. Also; a trained appraiser will point out major issues which must be repaired. Or the value of the home will not be high enough to close the loan. So, the inspection must pass.

In conclusion

Don’t let negative findings at your home inspection squash the deal. Almost every home has some repairs needed that the home owner may not even be aware of. Thus, it’s good for True Check to find issues in any home. Or something is wrong with the inspector. Any major issues will be addressed and remedied. So, moving in day will be the happiest day of the year.


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