Sewer Scope Inspection

A Bad Sewer Can Cost You Thousands. Get A Sewer Scope With Your Home Inspection!

A sewer scope utilizes a unique miniature camera to view and record the condition of a sewer line all the way to the city sewer main. A sewer scope and inspection will uncover any defects. The use of a special transmitter allows the inspector to precisely locate any issues from the surface.

The soil composition in Colorado is prone to settling and can cause sewer line problems regardless of the age of the home. In older homes clay tile pipes were used and settling can cause offset unions, root penetrations, bellies and structural damage.

In most newer homes, PVC pipe has replaced the old clay tile pipes. This greatly reduces the chances of structural damage. However, settling can leave large belly areas in the sewer line.

In addition to these naturally occurring problems, it is important to look for unusual situations such as building errors and out of date plumbing products, which have been known to deteriorate over a shorter period of time.

Many of the aforementioned problems can be solved or mitigated with simple maintenance techniques. Make sure that you have the information needed to make an informed decision about purchasing or selling the home.

Typically, root penetrations occur in older clay tile pipes which have been compromised. Roots can cause sewer stoppages and damage to the tile pipes. Having a cable cleaning once or twice a year will keep the sewer open.

An offset is a separation in a pipe were two sections come together. An offset may require repair if it’s determined to be too large to maintain with regular cleaning.

A sewer belly is where the slope of the pipe has been altered from settling. This creates a low spot which does not let waste water flow properly through the pipe causing buildup and stoppage in the belly area. A maintenance program using the process of sewer jetting will usually keep the sewer line open.