Thermal Imaging Inspection

Before You Buy A Home, You Should Have A Thermal Imaging Inspection

A thermal imaging camera is a device which detects infrared energy or heat. That is then processed into a thermal image. This image is used to determine temperature differences in a material or component. This allows the user to identify and evaluate the severity of the heat related problem.

A thermal Imaging inspection is not dissimilar to a standard home inspection. I include basic thermal imaging as part of my standard home inspection as needed. This allow us to uncover hidden issues.

The focus of a thermal imaging inspection, is to detect hidden problems. These could include water intrusion, energy loss, and electrical issues among other possible issues.

A thermal Imaging inspection is not dissimilar in many ways to a standard home inspection as thermal imaging is incorporated in parts of my standard home inspection which can uncover hidden issues.

However, the focus of the thermal imaging inspection is the detection of hidden problems, water intrusion and energy loss more than the general condition of the home’s visible systems and components, though that comes into play as well.

A specific thermal imaging inspection may be necessary to pinpoint the location of a plumbing leak, an electrical system problem, a heating or cooling issue or other hidden problems which are present in the home.

Thermal Imaging Helps:

  • Find water leaks or moisture intrusion
  • Find overheating electrical elements
  • Find missing or differences in insulation
  • Find heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) leaks
  • Find insect or other infestations

The Inspection report will be highly detailed using digital images and high resolution thermal imaging pictures that define problem areas and include recommendations to effectively solve issues or make improvements.

Many of the typical recommendations are simple repairs or additions the homeowner can do themselves to reduce the possibility of expensive repairs, make the home more energy efficient and provide a more comfortable living space. Please note that a full thermal imaging inspection is most accurate when performed very early in the day or during the cooler time of the year when the heating system is being used. Infrared readings are more accurate during these periods, defining the image and interpreting it most conclusively.