Thermal Imaging. What is it?

eat loss detection in central heating radiator

Thermal Imaging Camera

A thermal imaging camera. In simple terms. Is a device that detects infrared energy. Or heat. That energy is converted into an electronic signal. The signal is processed into an image. As a result. The image is seen on the cameras viewing screen. In other words. The camera sees temperature differences in different materials. And processes those temperature differences into an image. The user will view the Images. Identify. Investigate. And determine. The severity of the heat or cold related problem.

Thermal Imaging Inspection

This type of inspection. Is similar in many ways to our standard home inspection. However; the focus is on energy loss. Rather than the general condition of the homes systems and components. Even though that comes into play as well.

Your home is basically a thermal envelope. And that envelope can develop holes. And have inadequate insulation. Consequently. Energy costs are higher. And the living space is less comfortable. A thermal imaging inspection. Will uncover those areas of energy loss. From there. Steps can be taken to improve the thermal envelope of your home. As a result. Your home will be more energy efficient. And a much more comfortable place to live.

First of all. The exterior of your home is thoroughly viewed. Incorporating the use of a thermal imaging camera. In addition. The interior of the home is thoroughly inspected. Using the camera there as well. As a result. Areas of energy loss can be seen and documented.

A specific thermal imaging inspection can pinpoint the location of a plumbing leak, an electrical system problem, a heating or cooling issue, or other hidden problems in the home. Thermal imaging is now incorporated into parts of our standard home inspection.

The Report

The inspection report is detailed. Including digital images. As well as. High resolution thermal imaging pictures that define problem areas. Therefore, Your report will be easy to understand. And includes recommendations to solve issues or make improvements. Because many of the recommendations are simple repairs and improvements. The homeowner can do many of these themselves. Consequently; the repairs and improvements. Will make the home more energy efficient. And make for a more comfortable living space.

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