True Checks Top Ten Things You Need to Get Out of Your Inspection Report

  •               Ten Important Things to Get Out of Your Inspection Report 
  •  Appliances and Utilities

    • 1) Knowing the age of all appliances. Including the water heater and furnace. Can help you decide whether or not to get a home warranty. Home owner’s insurance does not cover these. All accessible labels are in True Checks report.
    • 2) Knowing where all the utility shutoffs are located. Is very important. Water, electrical power and gas. Are always in True Checks Report.
  • Main Systems

    • 3) Familiarize yourself with the legend on the electrical panel. And what each breaker is for. If the legend is not present or properly marked. True Checks report will note this. In which case. It is recommended an electrician create a proper legend. Any electrical safety issues must be addressed by a qualified electrician. And be part of the inspection objections.
    • 4) Do not over look the age of the water heater. If the water heater is over ten years old have it flushed and inspected by a qualified plumber. Because the water heater is the most unpredictable appliance in the home. A water heater can last 20 years or five more days after you move in.
    • 5) Heating and cooling systems need to have a record of recent service. If there is no record of a recent service. Get it done by a qualified professional.

    Let’s Go Outside

    • 6) Assuming the roof is in good condition. Proper roof drainage is very important. To prevent water damage to your home. True Check reports if the gutters need cleaning. And inspects for possible leaks. It’s very important that water shed from the roof drains at least six feet away from the home. Using the proper extensions.
    • 7) Grading away from the foundation is fundamental. There needs to be just six inches of slope for every ten feet of grade. Get rid of the low spots or you may have water in your basement. Same with the gutters and extensions.
    • 8) Seal cracks and Gaps in the driveway, sidewalks, stoops and patios. Using a concrete sealer. To prevent damage.
    • 9) Exposed wood. Especially composite wood. And also gaps. Need to be properly caulked primed and painted. to prevent weather damage.  Any wood rot reported. Should be replaced to prevent further damage.
    • 10) The two most common safety issues True Check reports are. Improperly placed carbon monoxide detectors. And old smoke detectors. Make sure there is a functioning carbon monoxide detector. A few feet off the floor. And fifteen from any bedrooms. Replace any smoke detectors more than ten years old. Because, they are unreliable.

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