Why Do I Need A Home Inspection?

Why do you need a home inspection. To protect yourself from hidden defects, poorly maintained systems and components, safety issues and questionable construction techniques. That could leave you with an expensive money pit!

Even new homes and homes built as little as five years ago can have hidden problems that even the seller is not aware of. Or components the contractor just didn’t build, install or complete properly. Examples of these are; roof flashings not properly installed or missing, incomplete exterior finishing, electrical issues, decks not built to safe standards, undersized heating and cooling systems. Just to name a few. Of course, the older the home is. The greater chance there is of finding material defects. Systems that need maintenance or repair, safety hazards, or even home owner repairs that were poorly done, etc. As a home buyer; you at least need to be aware of repairs and maintenance items that are needed in order to make sure your new home is and will remain safe, comfortable and in the best possible condition. Most importantly; if there is a major problem such as a foundation or structural issue which is discovered during the inspection you’ll have an opportunity to back out; if some kind of resolution can’t be reached with the seller.

Remember, buying a home is the BIGGEST investment most of us make in our life time! True Check Home Inspections has the experience, knowledge, latest tools and testing equipment to investigate and uncover any possible defects in the home you are under contract for purchase. The easy to read, comprehensive report. Will be full of reference pictures to verify any defects or marginal issues that will need to be addressed. True Check doesn’t stop there. The report includes recommendations on maintenance and improvements to make your new home safe, comfortable, energy efficient and remain in the best possible condition.

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